Super Drunk Outpatient Treatment

Super Drunk is a new outpatient alcohol and drug treatment program designed to accommodate the needs of those sentenced under provisions of the High BAC Law. The law provides for requiring a year of treatment for those arrested with a BAC of .17 or higher. THe program we provide consists of 5 phases of varying intensity and progression from one phase dependent on progress in the current phase.


Phase One
Completion of the Alcohol Insight Weekend Program

Phase Two
2 group sessions per week for 12 weeks AND 2 individual sessions AND 3 AA meetings per week

Phase Three
12 weeks of Relapse Prevention Group once a week AND 3 AA meetings per week AND 2 individual sessions

Phase Four
12 weeks of 1 group session every 2 weeks AND 3 AA meetings weekly

Phase Five
16 weeks of 1 individual session per month AND 3 AA meetings weekly

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