Alcohol Insight

The Alcohol lnsight program is designed to reduce recidivism for drunk drivers. Each attendee is exposed to an intensive 14-hour weekend of information and exercises that challenge them to develop a thorough understanding of alcohol (and other substances) and the role it plays in their life.

The program consists of:

* 16-hour weekend session
* 6 week optional follow-up sessions (1 1/2 hour each)
* Understanding the alcohol and driving laws
* Medical & sedative effects of alcohol on the brain
* The Disease Concept of Alcoholism
* Risk factors & self-assessment
* Prevention strategies for Non-Alcoholic Drivers
* Community Resources and treatment

A comprehensive assessment is provided to the referring agent after the weekend session for clients not referred to Outpatient Treatment Sessions.

For some attendees, this means changing minor aspects of their behavior, for others, it may involve a commitment to a longer-term process of rehabilitation. The optional six follow-up sessions reinforce and support the application of behavioral changes planned for in the weekend session. Weekend Alcohol Insight programs are once a month. The follow-up sessions are 90 minutes each for a total of 15 hours.

Costs are:

* $125.00 Weekend Sessions
* $25.00 Per Follow-up Session